Pearl Cinnamon White Faced Pearl

Breeder Tiels
Grey/cinn/pied/pearl/Lutino $30
Gray/yellowface $125
Wf cinn $80
Wf cinn pearl/Lutino $125
Wf pearl $95
Lutino pearl $125.
Lutino pied $80
Yellowface $125
Yellowface cinn $125

Hand fed
Gray $60
Lutino Pearl $150
Whiteface $80
Whiteface Pearls $90
Albinos $200
Pieds $80
Heavy pied $80
Pearls $80
Cinnamon split $80
Yellowface female $150

Call for availability of babies in stock.

One Last Look ...
in case you forgotten what we have to offer. Feel free to use the contact form on this site to ask any questions or request pictures or to place your name on any possible waiting lists.

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