Basic preparation for your new Goldendoodle puppyBasic preparation for your new Goldendoodle puppy

Adding a second-to-none Blue Ridge Goldendoodle puppy to the family is a great joy. However, that joy comes with major responsibilities. A smart, energetic young doodle will require a few basic things to thrive and feel comfortable. With some basic preparations and planning, you can give your puppy a great head start on his new home life and help to ensure that these early days are filled with fun rather than frustration for you. Keep reading for a list of essential preparations for your new Goldendoodle puppy.

Food and water bowls. Before bringing your puppy home, you will want to have adequate food and water bowls. Be sure that the dishes you use are resistant to breaking, easy to clean and not too big for your little one. You may only want to put the food bowl out (or put food in it) at feeding times. This will help with overeating and house training. Fresh water should always be available in the water bowl however.

Quality puppy food. To ensure that your puppy grows up healthy and strong, it is essential to provide a high quality puppy food that meets his or her nutritional requirements. There are many good varieties of puppy food on the market; we recommend that you look for brands that are high in protein and whose first ingredient isn’t corn. In many instances, it is a wise idea to initially feed your puppy the same food he or she is used to eating and then gradually switch over to another brand if you want to make a change.

Collar, leash and ID tag. You will want a properly fitting collar for your new doodle puppy, as well as a leash for walking. It’s best to only worry about getting the right size for the current stage of your puppy’s life. Trying to find a collar that will work now and in the future may lead you to select one that is simply too big and can slip off. Once you have the right collar, place an ID tag on it with your full contact information. These days you can easily engrave a metal tag in a vending machine at many chain pet stores or retailers. Be sure to keep the tag up-to-date with your latest phone number and address.

Crate. We recommend crate training your puppy from the outset to help with housebreaking and behavioral training. Start with a crate that is comfortable for the size of your puppy — he or she should be able to completely stand and easily turn around when the door is closed — but don’t provide an overabundance of room. If the crate is too large, it will be less effective as a training tool. Remember to never use the crate as a punishment or a place for time-out. You don’t want to create any negative associations between your puppy and his sleeping and home alone space. For bedding, place a large folded towel or blanket on the floor of the crate.

Toys. Buy your puppy a variety of toys to chew on, chase around and snuggle with. Replace them regularly with new items so that your doodle doesn’t grow bored. You want his chewing to stay focused on his toys rather than on your table legs and sofa cushions. Also, Goldendoodles love to fetch so it’s easy to wear your little one out while you bond in the living room or backyard. Then you both can settle in for a nice snuggly nap.

If you’re thinking about adding one of our second-to-none Blue Ridge Goldendoodles to your family, check out the Available Golden Doodle Puppies page on our website then fill out the online Application to begin the process.