Labradoodle vs. Goldendoodle: What are the differences?Labradoodle vs. Goldendoodle: What are the differences?

You might think that it is impossible to find out the differences between Goldendoodles and Labradoodles at first look. Even though they have similar temperament and physical attributes, there are differences if you look closely. The attributes mentioned below are just generalized traits and can vary from individual doodle to doodle.

Personality Differences. Both Labradoodles and Goldendoodles make great family dogs. However, if you spend some quality time with these two dog breeds, you will quickly observe that a Goldendoodle will not hesitate to come up to a stranger and say hello. They are not wary of outsiders and have no concerns about personal interaction. If left unrestrained, they will easily jump on the newcomers in your home, which is not always welcome.

On the other hand, Labradoodles are little more aloof around new people and new terrain. They usually stand back and observe until they fully accustomed to the new situation. When a guest visits your home for the first time, you can expect a Labradoodle to stand on the opposite side of the room and carefully observe the new inmate for several minutes before going into their personal capacity to say hello. It is just not in their nature to jump on new members who comes into your home.

Energy Level. Goldendoodles usually have more energy and are more alive compared to Labradoodles. They are passionate about life and are quite fidgety. On the other hand, Labradoodles are less fidgety and carry a quieter and more loyal personality. This is not to say Labradoodles are dormant dogs, which will happily lay around the house all day like a St. Bernard or Great Dane, they are just less energetic compared to Goldendoodles. Both these dogs require constant exercise.

Physical Differences. Both these breeds are almost identical in size, with Labradoodles is slightly larger on average. Another noticeable difference is the minor disparity in their coats. Labradoodle coats tend to be a little more agile and short, while Goldendoodles have more long and coiled coats. Most of the variation in coats between the individual Goldendoodles and Labradoodles is mainly of generational differences. First generation doodles have curved coats than second generations.

Temperament. Both Goldendoodles and Labradoodles have unusually calm manner and this is why both these breeds make great family dogs. Between them, Labradoodles are usually more protective. While most people see this as a positive aspect of their lives, others might concern with their protective nature crossing the line into aggression. However, this is not a valid concern since Labradoodles never considered as an aggressive breed. In addition, people having Labradoodles never reported any violent behaviour from their dog.

Even though both Goldendoodles and Labradoodles would make for a poor guard dogs due to their friendly nature, they do make excellent watch dogs. You can definitely rely on both these breeds to bark at outsiders as they near the house in a clear loud and aggressive manner; just do not expect them to do anything but kiss the person once they are inside the house.